The Tanzania project continues:
Maybe soon with YOU…?
Everyone who has already followed the history or at least read this story before might ask him/herself what has happened ever since?
The article was first published in 2008 so a few years have gone by already. We’re still looking for a dentist who is willing to work in Uchira. It turned out to be quite difficult to find someone so far.
Therefore we are now starting an „adventure project“. We want to offer people a true African adventure. Especially students in dentistry should get a special opportunity to work in Tanzania.
In collaboration with the medical university of Graz we created a chance to do a pratical training in Uchira. Students can work on their own but under the supervision of an assistant professor. Major tasks are pain therapy (mainly preservative dentistry like fillings and root treatments) and oral surgery (extractions of teeth and root fragments). Such stays can be imputed as elective subjects.
We are always happy about any requests from interested dentists of any age and from all over the world who want to spend their holidays in a special and rewarding kind of way.    A combination between a working period in Uchira and a safari trip to the surrounding national parks Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro or Serengeti are just a few examples.

We appreciate any support in the form of composite,  gutta- pecha and any kind of material.
All financial support will ensure the maintenance of our surgery and would therefore be an immediate enrichment for our cause.
Our next investment is going to be a generator so we will be able to bridge gaps during occasional power cuts.

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